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October Flashlight Tours are on sale now!

Since her death, millions of people have visited her home and many report the sightings of ghosts. Was the house built solely as a monument to the dead or do the phantoms Sarah communed with in life, or perhaps Sarah herself, still lurk nightly in the maze-like corridors of the Winchester Mystery House™?

The tradition of Sarah Winchester’s bizarre legacy continues...

Tickets for special events are available in advance online.
Special 55 minute Flashlight Tours of the Winchester Mansion are given every Friday the 13th and on select evenings in October. You'll tour the rambling, mysterious mansion at night with only the moonlight, a souvenir flashlight, and your imagination to provide illumination through the bewildering maze of rooms and stairways. But watch your back, Sarah could be waiting around any turn. This is one open house you’ll never forget.

With admission, also enjoy extra entertainment on the estate from awe-inspiring magicians, to balloon artists, to caricature illustrators! Entertainment varies per evening, all entertainment is included in the cost of your ticket - limited availability, first come, first served on items such as caricature art.

Due to the popularity of the Flashlight Tours, we highly recommend you purchase your tickets ahead of time. Friday the 13th tickets go on sale approximately 1 month in advance of the event. This event WILL sell out and when it does, tickets will not be available at Box Office on the night of the event.

In tribute to Mrs. Winchester’s fascination with the number 13, celebrity “Bell Ringers” sound the old tower bell 13 times at 1300 hours every Friday the 13th.

Friday the 13th Honorary Bell Ringing Ceremony

In tribute to Mrs. Winchester’s fascination with the number 13, celebrity Bell Ringers sound the old tower bell 13 times at 1300 hours (1:00pm) every Friday the 13th. Past Honorary Bell Ringers have included Dan Boyle from the SJ Sharks, Bela Karoyli and Shannon Miller of Olympic gymnastics fame, and KRTY's morning hosts Gary Scott Thomas and Julie Stevens.

Our special guest for June 13, 2014 will be... professional Ultimate Frisbee star Beau Kittredge from the San Jose Spiders! For more information on the South Bay's professional Ultimate Frisbee team, the San Jose Spiders, visit

Beau's Bio:
Beau is an Alaska native who currently resides in San Francisco. He studied Theatre at the University of Boulder Colorado where he also won a college national championship in the Sport of Ultimate Frisbee. His unique and creative writing style has led him to a career as a self published illustrator and writer. He’s published five books, and his most famous title is No No Kitty. Beau’s writing has a unique charm that is playful enough for kids to enjoy but insightful enough for parents to secretly indulge upon. In his spare time Beau still trains and competes in Ultimate Frisbee. He’s won three national championships, two world championships, and has won two gold medals as part of the US World games team. He currently plays for the San Jose professional Ultimate team, the San Jose Spiders. Here’s how Beau describes himself in his own words.

“Beau Kittredge lives on a hill in San Francisco and battles both the fog that seeps and creeps into every available space and the tech companies that act just like the fog. Besides playing ultimate and riding his motorcycle in law-abiding ways Beau loves writing children's books. Beau is roommates with a dirty musk ox who tries to get clean by taking long showers, a perkish young meerkat that hates having fun, an optimistic basset hound that constantly forgets where he lives, and a cheery koala that is always searching for a good cuddle. If you ever see Beau slothing about in what seems to be a lost and clueless state, don't be alarmed, just give him a hug (he likes hugs) and let him wander on.”

You can learn more about Beau’s literature at You can find out more about Beau the Ultimate Frisbee athlete at

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Wander through 110 of the 160 rooms of this Victorian mansion, designed and built by the Winchester Rifle heiress. Tour the estate daily. Keep up to date on all the happenings, worldly and otherwise, only with the exclusive "13th Hour" newsletter.

By the turn of the century, the eight room farmhouse Sarah Winchester had purchased in the Santa Clara Valley had grown into a seven-story mansion covering 161 acres.